Bring Me the Horizon singer Oli Sykes has evidently had his two upper canine teeth fashioned into pointed tines reminiscent of vampire fangs, as has his wife, Brazilian model Alissa Salls.

The British rocker shared photos and video of his undead-esque dental glow-up this week, including a shot that looks to show Sykes in a dental office's chair after having just undergone the procedure. While the musician didn't share specifics, one can indeed have their canines sharped into even pointier teeth through dental recontouring and bonding.

See Sykes' teeth toward the bottom of this post.

"So I'm kinda a vampire now," the singer said on Tuesday (July 13), shirtless and seemingly lounging poolside, as he opened wide to display his newly sharpened canines on Bring Me the Horizon's TikTok.

The same day, Sykes shared a photo of his fangs on his personal Instagram — "I got bit" was the caption, appended with an emoji of a bat. Salls followed suit with an Insta image of both of their vampire grins.

As pointed out on a blog on the website for Canadian dental practice Erbsville Dental, the method used to turn regular human teeth into pointy fangs is the same one often used to achieve the reverse.

"People can be born with extra pointed or slightly longer canine teeth," the blog relays. "Some call these vampire teeth. Cosmetic dentists can reshape these to look less obvious for those who are unhappy with their appearance. … As you can imagine, the same procedure to make you look less vampirish can also be used to do just the opposite and give you … vampire-like canines."

In Bring Me the Horizon news not related to dental work, the band is currently woodshedding a trio of EPs to accompany last year's Post Human: Survival Horror. In June, Sykes appeared on a song from the since-disbanded Lotus Eater. Before that, he shared a teaser of an unreleased track and asked if it sounded "too crazy." BMTH also now have their own BBQ sauce.

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