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Ozzy Osbourne recalled the time he inadvertently drugged a vicar and reflected on why he never accepted the churchman's offer to confess his sins.

The incident took place when the singer and then-wife Thelma were living in the English countryside, he told GQ in a recent interview. He noted that the situation unfolded after he’d gone to the pub and returned after a “few days.”

“I’d bought some hash and I’d made a cake with it,” Osbourne said. “I put it in a tin and went to the pub and I said to my ex-wife, ’Don’t let anybody eat this fucking cake. It will be bad.’” He continued: “Anyway, I came back from the pub a few days later and I did a double-take, because the vicar was in our house, having a cup of tea in the kitchen with a piece of this cake. I hadn’t got a driving [license], but he was slumped in my kitchen, so I had to drag him out by his hair, push him in the back of his car, drive him to his door and then walk home.”

The Black Sabbath icon said he’d become concerned after not setting eyes on the vicar for two weeks. “I thought I’d killed him,” he admitted. “Then I saw him in a pub on a Sunday morning and he said, ‘I must have caught such a dreadful flu at yours. I hallucinated for three days and had to miss church.’ I was just relieved to see him. ‘Fucking hell, he’s alive!’ Because that was a big chunk of hash.”

Asked about the apparent conflict in a vicar visiting the home of Ozzy Osbourne, he explained: “When you move into the countryside they try to get you into the congregation and welcome you to the community. They invite you for a chat, see if you want to confess a few things.” He added: “If I’d have gone I’d still be there now, fucking confessing all my sins!”


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