Foo Fighters' "Times Like These" gets imbued with even more meaning in a cover version by a team of English paramedics. The emergency workers from the North West Ambulance Service shared the unique rendition this month as part of a fundraiser for the staff and the surrounding community.

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The emergency workers' take on the tune — which one can view down toward the bottom of this post — uses acoustic guitars and multiple singers to give the Foos' One by One hit a different twist. It draws some inspiration from a similarly charity-minded cover of the song that recently aired on BBC Radio 1.

Proceeds resulting from the NWAS workers' tune go to help the organization's charity in supporting healthcare workers who've been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. Funds are also earmarked for medical equipment, education and mental health programs, and other vital goods and services.

"Thanks for listening," the video's description says. "This was a fun project for some of the staff working for the North West Ambulance Service. It was something positive to focus on during the recent tough times. If you enjoyed the video please feel free to donate on the JustGiving page linked below."

It continues, "All the money raised is going straight to the North West Ambulance Service Charity, which is there not only to support its staff but also communities all across the North West of England."

North West Ambulance Service team leader Andrew Wood spearheaded the touching Foo Fighters cover that's now gone viral, as NME reported on Wednesday (July 1). The cover includes contributions from some of his coworkers, such as paramedics Liz Teijlingen-Bell and Laura Milner.

The group chose to perform the Foo Fighters song because its lyrics "hit home with everything that was going on with COVID-19 and the pressure that it was putting on all of the [United Kingdom's National Health Service], not just the ambulance service," Wood told The Mail. "It was only supposed to be a bit of fun to put a smile on NWAS staff's faces, but unbelievably we have had over one million views of the video … and raised around £6,000."

Listeners can continue to help the NWAS Charity raise funds here.

NWAS Workers Cover Foo Fighters' "Times Like These" - June 16, 2020

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