Paul Rudd talking to himself in the mirror about sex is the best scene in the movie 'Wanderlust' and possibly the best scene in any movie ever. If this video doesn't make you laugh -- you should call a doctor because you are probably dead.

Maybe 'Wanderlust' came out a while ago and maybe you've already seen it. If so, congrats! You're ahead of the curve. If not, you have to watch this. And I mean right now!

Don't worry about spoilers or anything, this is just a scene where Paul is getting psyched up for sex and talking to himself in the mirror. We're starting to think that this could be an entire movie. I laughed so hard I cried when I saw this and I'm pretty sure that no matter how crappy my day is -- this will always make me laugh. I'm also fairly certain that I may never say "dick" the same way again. Well done, Sir Rudd. Well done.

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