A Florida woman claims to be selling her cheating ex-boyfriends belongings on ebay.  Payback is a bitch if these items really are his, or maybe this is a fabricated story for a fat pay off!

"Taylor" says her neighbor and a friend tipped her off about her cheating BF.  She immediately kicked him out and left were all of his clothes and belongings.

So what is a girl to do with all of "his" things?  Sell them!

According to the New York Post "Taylor's" ex did not like her to dress sexy, so what does she do? Pose naked with his shoe on ebay of course.

So far six of the ex's things are for sale on ebay.  The goal is to sell everything.

This could of course be a totally true story OR a complete lie in order to sell some merchandise.

What do you think?

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