It was a scary scene this morning when firefighters arrived at Country Club Manor Apartments in Flint at around 6:15 am. It sounds almost like a scene out of a movie with people hanging from windows while trying to escape a fire that had engulfed their building.

According to WNEM, Flint Battalion Chief Ramsey Clapper said one resident was exiting through a window, while another was hanging out a third-story window in the front, and yet another a third-story window in the back. Crews were able to rescue those residents and then brought multiple others out through the doors. They also rescued a puppy.

Amazingly no one had to be taken to the hospital but a handful of residents were treated for smoke inhalation.

It's unclear as to what caused the fire but it does appear that the fire started in the middle of the building, possibly the stairwell or one of the apartments near it.

I pulled up to the radio station this morning at about 6:15 am and I could hear sirens like crazy but had no idea what was happening, I only knew it had to be something big whatever it was.

I can't imagine waking up to my apartment building being on fire and the only way out is for me to climb out the third story window...scary stuff. Glad everyone made it out alive.

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