Apparently, there's a "self-care" trend that's, literally, picking up steam on the internet. We'll break down why people are eating oranges in the shower and also why chugging a beer in the shower is better.

Who knew that the writers of 'Seinfeld' were way ahead of an actual trend when they had Kramer install a garbage disposal in his shower so he could prep food in there? Well, Buzzfeed just reposted a video from last year that is again going viral and making some people do exactly that... well, not exactly, but close.

These self-care trend chasers who are peeling and eating oranges in the shower aren't quite taking it as far as Kosmo did, but food in the shower still seems incredibly weird to me. That being said -- I understand some of the concepts that make this trend appealing:

  • The contrast of enjoying something cold in the shower is quite refreshing
  • Eating an orange can be messy, but who cares when you're in the shower
  • Oranges smell great

Aside from the smell factor, those are the same reasons drinking a beer in the shower is awesome. Let me tell you -- if you've never chugged an ice cold beer in the shower while getting ready to go out for the night then, brother, you haven't lived.

It's pretty amazing and incredibly relaxing. Turn that can straight up and chug as messily as you want -- the water washes away all that you miss. Much like eating a fine delicacy, it's not an everyday thing. However, sometimes you have to break out the fine china and treat yo self -- that's when it's time for shower beers.

Then again -- you do you. If you want to eat food in the shower like a weirdo, who am I to tell you how to get your daily dose of vitamin C? If picking orange peels out of the drain sounds like a fun adventure, tear it up. If not, use some orange scented shower cleaner then chug a shower beer or two on a random Saturday afternoon... or, you know, just do a regular shower. That's fine too.

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