There are two things that really piss me off in this world, people that don't use their blinkers and people who throw trash out of their vehicles. The latter really pushes me over the edge.

Over the last week or so I've watched multiple people throw garbage out of their vehicles for no reason other than being a lazy piece of crap who doesn't' want to deal with their own trash. Just today I was at the bank and some douchebag threw a banana peel out of his window and on to the concrete parking lot. There was a trash can literally 15 feet away. I looked at the guy and threw my arms up in the air, like what the hell is wrong with you? He responded with a finger gesture. If I knew for sure that I wasn't going to get my ass kicked I would have approached him and said something. I don't feel getting my ass handed to me over a banana peel is really worth all that.

Last week I saw some lady in a parking open her door and scoop all her trash out and onto the ground like it was no big deal at all and then she just drove away. I sat there for a second in disbelief of what I just witnessed. I just thought what a scumbag loser.

Take care of your own freaking garbage, no one wants to pick up after your no good lazy ass. If you are somebody that does this, you suck and I hate you.