The new athletic center in Grand Blanc has some residents upset.

Get ready for this. Something new has come along in the city and surprise, some people are upset about it. The new Grand Blanc Athletic Complex has been completed and some residents are voicing their displeasure.

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For those that don't know, Grand Blanc Community Schools just finished work on the brand-new Grand Blanc Athletic Complex. The new field has already been put to use to host the graduation ceremonies for the class of 2023. The entire complex is amazing, but some people out there just don't agree with the new building.

Okay. I get it. You don't agree and you have every right to voice your opinion and I 100% support that. The money should have been spent on this. The money should have been spent on that. However, what does pissing and moaning on Facebook actually do? I can tell you. Nothing. It will do absolutely nothing other than cause arguments.

Social media is so toxic nowadays. It's not just topics like this, it is everything. There's always at least one comment on every post from someone who is just unhappy in life and feels the need to bring everyone else down. It seems like these platforms have become a breeding ground for anger and negativity.

For example, I saw a post this morning about a construction project that is now finished and that portion of the road is once again open. Instead of being happy about it, one comment focused on the fact that they didn't add new landscaping to the area. You wanted them to fix the damn roads. Well, they just fixed a damn road! Give them a minute!

The bottom line is that the facility has been built and they are not going to tear it down because you think the money was not spent in the right way. Can we just let the kids at the school enjoy this moment? It will give them pride in their school and maybe even get them to try a new sport. This also opens it up for the school to host big events as well. Everything from tournaments to marching band competitions.

When I was in high school, I would have loved to have an athletic facility like this and I hope the kids enjoy it!

While I haven't been there to see the completed project, check out the photos below from the build a few months ago.

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