Former Pantera and current Down frontman Philip Anselmo doesn’t expect to release his solo debut album until next year, but he’s getting a jump on things by delivering a pair of still-to-be-determined songs to be used as part of split release offerings with the band Warbeast.


Though Anselmo has not revealed which songs will be part of the two splits, Blabbermouth reports that Warbeast will be offering their songs ‘IT” and ‘Birth of a Psycho,’ both of which are exclusive cuts that don’t feature on their upcoming album. Look for the both releases to arrive in late September.

As for Anselmo’s solo full-length, it’s titled ‘Walk Through Exits Only’ and is tentatively expected in early 2013 through his Housecore Records label. He recently told radio host and Loudwire contributor Full Metal Jackie of the new disc, “I got some fantastic musicians and I wrote some very, very extreme songs that I guess I’ve been wanting to do for a long time just to get ‘em out of my system.”

The vocalist says that ‘Walk Through Exits Only’ is also a song on the record that really holds a place for him, even though he may have a hard time describing it. He explains, “It’s really up to [the listeners] to judge, but I can’t say it’s any core or black or death or speed or anything like that – You can’t really lump it into a genre … If you wanted to call it heavy metal, I guess that would be safe but also unfair in a way.”

In related news, Anselmo has just been announced as a participant in ‘Metal Masters 4,’ which returns to New York City’s Gramercy Theatre Sept. 7.

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