Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson is a man of stature — revered heavy metal singer, renowned author and autobiographer, airline captain, highly-skilled fencer, airship enthusiast and philanthropist, keynote speaker... need we say more? Obviously, he has no time to be privy to the world's leading fashion trends, which has been reflected onstage for decades and immortalized in this Visual History of Bruce Dickinson's Ridiculous Stage Pants.

Now, we didn't round up looks from absolutely every tour — Iron Maiden's air raid siren has downplayed his eccentric wardrobe on and off throughout the years, entering an era of textile domestication mostly over the last decade. Whatever — as long as he's still sweatin' it out in the leathers, it's all good in our book.

It turns out, a man needs a wardrobe as outgoing and brash as he is, at least when it comes to fronting world class heavy metal. From his beginning in Samson to his time in and out of Maiden, Bruce Dickinson is arguably unmatched outside of hair metal's own wild aesthetics.

Don't run to the hills just yet!

A Visual History of Bruce Dickinson's Ridiculous Stage Pants

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