It is not exactly hell freezing over, but pink flamingos were spotted in Lake Michigan.

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Five pink flamingos were spotted in Lake Michigan on Friday, September 22, 2023. According to the New York Post, this was the first and only time pink flamingos have been spotted in Wisconsin.

Experts believe the pink flamingos were thrown off of their flight course due to strong winds from Hurricane Idalia.

Pink flamingos are usually found in tropical areas, so as you can imagine the birds drew a big crowd. Wisconsin's Department of Natural Resources is advising that people do not attempt to approach the birds. As of now, no plans to move the pink flamingos are in the works. The hope is that eventually, the pink flamingos will head south on their own.

The pink flamingos may also be a sign that Wisconsin is a 'swinger' state. All kidding aside, a pink flamingo is rumored to be a sign of someone who participates in a swinging lifestyle.

That is not to say that everyone with a plastic pink flamingo in their flower bed is down to clown, but you never know.

If you are an avid bird watcher, you just may want to take a quick trip to Port Washington, Wisconsin (north of Milwaukee) before the pink flamingos take flight to a much warmer climate.

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