Isn't there some kind of saying about the stomach being the fastest way to someones heart?

In honor of Valentine's Day, Kraft will be releasing pink macaroni and cheese. According to WXYZ, this limited edition box will contain a candy flavor packet that will turn the noodles pink. How fun is that?

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Before you head to the store to grab a box for your lover - there is a catch. You have to enter to win a box. Unlike me, this fun mac & cheese cannot be bought. But, entering to win a box is super easy. All you have to do is submit your name, address, and email address. You can do that here. 1000 boxes will be given away total.

I think it is worth a shot to sign up, don't you? It literally took me less than one minute to enter. You should sign up too. If you do win, let me know. If I win, I am not against selling my box (that sounds weird) to the highest bidder.

If unfortunately you don't win a box of the pink stuff, I suppose you could create your own pink mac and cheese at home. Maybe just add food coloring, or pink frosting to your noodles? Even better, use ketchup for a batch of red hot macaroni and cheese. Feel free to follow me for additional cooking tips.

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