Maybe it's just me, but I think I've seen the future of board games. It's called PlayTable and it already has my mind racing with possibilities.

Board games are, well, for lack of a better term, boring by today's standards. Kids who are growing up with tablets usually have little to no interest in sitting down for a family game of Monopoly or Euchre. Technology has forever changed the dynamic of family game night, which is sad, but also very exciting.

Enter PlayTable. It's basically a giant tablet that is designed to replace the board in your board game. That sounds pretty basic, but imagine the possibilities. Games like Dungeons & Dragons -- keep in mind that all of my D&D knowledge comes from 'Stranger Things' and one episode of 'Community' -- could be transformed into interactive, visually stunning playable movies, but without changing the gameplay too much. That alone would open that game, and others like it, up to a whole new audience.

Once you consider all that could be done via this board, it's hard to not think of some board or card game you'd love to see reinterpreted for it. Personally, I think it would be fantastic for drinking games. Although, it would have to come in a waterproof version for when your wife or friends get too smashed and spill beer all over it.

The PlayTable is currently in development, but you can keep up with its progress via their Facebook page, website and YouTube channel. I really hope this thing is somewhat affordable. Too high of a price tag would be the kiss of death for such a niche piece of tech for your game room.

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