As we get closer to Halloween, police all over the country are trying to remind and warn parents to check the candy your child collects.

Police in Johnstown, PA recently seized a large batch of THC-laced candy that was disguised as Nerds ropes. Reports say that the candy was packaged very similarly to the regular Nerds Rope candies.

Even though this happened just outside of Pittsburgh, I'm sure there are plenty of similar candies in our area as well. I would be willing to guess that most of us know a stoner friend that has candy just like this or something close to it. I have no problems with the candy at all. A lot of my friends use medibles. It's the giving it to unknowing children that I have to problem with. However, knowing all those friends, none of them are dropping that kind of money just to give away to kids, but better safe than sorry. Stranger things have happened.

So here is your friendly reminder to check your kid's candy after trick-treating. Happy Halloween to all.

Source: ABC 12