With technology today, counterfeit money is all over the place, including the streets of Caro. Yes, literally on the street.  

Law enforcement is warning citizens of fake $100 bills that were found recently in the city. The fake bills were actually found on the street in Caro. The person that found the bills turned them into the Tuscola County Sheriff's Office. The fake bills are making their rounds and consumers are urged to check and be careful of the bad money.

The $100 bills that were found have a very distinct tell on them that they are fake. On top of having some of the features out of place on the bill itself, the fake money also has pink or purple Chinese writing on them. In case you are wondering where the bills are coming from, they are actually being sold on eBay and others sites for as little as $10 for a pack of 100.

When getting your change and money, always be on the lookout for fakes.

Source: WNEM TV 5