Full disclosure, I did not celebrate Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas with my family last year. Will I be attending a Big Game gathering this year? The answer is yes. Please before you judge, it will not be a huge get together, and it is with people I see often.

What about you? Do you plan on hosting or attending a party on Sunday for the Big Game? You don't have to explain yourself to me, this is purely out of curiosity.

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I know people on both sides of the coin. People that will do whatever they want in spite of suggested restrictions, and I also know people who have barely left their house in the last 10 months or so.

I struggle with being as safe as possible, and still living my life. Even now, I hate going to the grocery store, but yet - I am comfortable going to a close friends Big Game party this weekend. Am I crazy? Wait, don't answer that.

Whatever you decide to do, enjoy. I know most of you are all about the game itself - I am not quite sure who is playing to be honest. I care about the commercials, cocktails and snacks. If you want some football food ideas, check out my list of top 10 Big Game snacks below - after you cast your vote.

10 Big Game Snacks

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