This man doesn't even deserve to be called a father after he tortured his 2-month-old baby multiple ways.

Shawn Foltz of Minnesota was arrested for allegedly rubbing hot sauce and cayenne pepper in his daughter's eyes and kept her from breathing until she turned blue. That's only a portion of what this scumbag did to the child. According to WNEM, he also snapped her with a towel, burned her by spraying hot water in her face and threw fireworks at her.

Here's the real topper, reports say that he admitted to investigators that while he was at work he thought about ways to harm the toddler. Are you freaking kidding me? He actually sat there daydreaming about ways to hurt his baby. This dude is sick as hell!

This sicko is being charged with neglect of a child, malicious punishment of a child and two counts of third-degree assault, all felonies.

May you forever burn in hell, sir.

Source: WNEM

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