Post Malone's new album has a collaboration with Ozzy Osbourne. In fact, as the rapper recently recalled to Beats 1's Zane Lowe, Osbourne called it his "favorite" appearance he's done "since Sabbath."

At least that's how Post painted the scene when producer and guitarist Andrew Watt recorded the former Black Sabbath frontman remotely for the track, "Take What You Want," that also features rapper Travis Scott. It's from Malone's new Hollywood's Bleeding album. Watch the interview toward the bottom of this post.

"I was in Utah 'cause I had just got off tour," Posty remembered. "So Ozzy went over to Watt's house … and [he] said, 'Hey … Ozzy Osbourne's coming down. We're gonna cut it, and I'll Facetime you, and you let me know what's going on.' So we talked, and it was, like, a big [fucking] deal. Ozzy, Ozzy Osbourne!"

The rapper continued of the rocker, "I think he crushed it. He was talking to Watt, and Watt was telling me, yo, 'This is my favorite [thing] I've done since, you know, Sabbath. Since I started my own way.'"

Despite a string medical setbacks throughout 2019, Ozzy looked and sounded great in a recent interview where he called 2019 "one of the most fucked up years" of his life. The rocker's career-spanning vinyl box set See You on the Other Side comes out this November.

Post Malone, of course, has made a huge impact in hip-hop and throughout pop culture. But it's no secret the musician is a huge fan of rock music. Before he was a superstar hip-hop artist talking about the rockstar life, he was actually in a metalcore band called Ashley's Arrival back in high school. He also auditioned to be the guitarist for metalcore act Crown the Empire in 2010, but broke a string mid-audition and didn't get the gig.

Since then, the rapper has dabbled in the rock world often. He's frequently been seen onstage smashing guitars and even performed with Aerosmith at MTV's 2018 VMAs and the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the 2019 Grammy's.

You can hear Posty's collaboration with Ozzy on Hollywood's Bleeding here. And if you're feeling skeptical, you can check out our argument for why Post Malone is actually good for rock and metal.

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