Fans of Sevendust, Alter Bridge and Creed may have a new favorite band in Projected. The supergroup features Sevendust guitarist John Connolly and bass player Vince Hornsby, Alter Bridge / Creed drummer Scott Phillips and Creed and Tremonti guitarist Eric Friedman, and now, the guys have announced that they’re ready to unveil their debut album.

‘Human’ will arrive on Sept. 18 on Connolly’s own Yaya Papu record label. The album was produced by Connolly and Elvis Baskette, the latter known for his work with Ratt and Puddle of Mudd, with most of the tracks recorded at Connolly’s home-based Studio 1119.

“The idea behind this project originally started as nothing more than a group of us who were friends already, going into the studio to just record some tunes we had laying around and basically just have a good time with it,” Connolly said in an official statement.  “No pressure from labels or any pre-conceived notions or expectations.  Just making music and having a good time.  HUMAN is the end result of us working without deadlines or budget constraints…or a budget at all.”

“We’ve always talked about collaborating and now it’s finally come to fruition,” added Phillips. “I might possibly be one of the biggest Sevendust fans ever, and to get the opportunity to work with a few of my favorite musicians on the planet, and some of my best friends, means the world to me.  We wholeheartedly believe in these songs…believe in John’s vision…and couldn’t be happier about the future of Projected!”

Noisecreep has also premiered Projected’s debut lyric video for their track, ‘Watch It Burn,’ which you can view below. Are you stoked for the new tracks from Projected or just want to see band members’ other bands get back together to record new material? Let us know in the comments below!

Watch Projected’s Lyric Video for ‘Watch It Burn’:

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