Prophets of Rage recently issued "Heart Afire," a new song from the band's forthcoming second album. While we await the details on that release, they've just issued a video for "Who Owns Who" off their self-titled 2017 debut.

Imagery is a crucial element of Prophets of Rage and their message and this latest video is rife with societal commentary through video clips and image collages. "[The] 'Who Owns Who' music video was created by VA • the Artist who runs his own charity, V For A Cause," says the band. "V For A Cause aims to help underprivileged children by raising money for various causes through art. All the money for this video is being donated to this charity. Through art, Vasilis has managed to help children in need," they continued.

Speaking about the forthcoming record, bassist Tim Commerford told Kaaos TV, "It's a different direction, it's not the same, and I love that. I grew up, and Brad grew up, listening to bands that made records and you were waiting at the record store to hear what it might sound like — the new record by some band. And so that's the way I feel like we're doing it right now. We're growing and we're creating and we're going in a new territory and I feel really good about it."

Prophets of Rage were supposed to spend the summer touring with Avenged Sevenfold and Three Days Grace on the "End of the World" tour, but the run was canceled. Avenged singer M. Shadows received doctor's orders to rest his voice for three months as a blood blister formed on his vocal cords, rendering him unable to perform. Read his full statement here.

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