It’s hard to believe, but Dirt Fest 2012 is less than two months away! Detroit hard rockers Core Effect are on the bill this year, and they’re stoked. “We are pumped for our first time at Dirt Fest!” said vocalist and bass player Randy Riddle, adding that this will be the band's first time playing Dirt Fest. “Of all years to start out, this lineup that we are playing with is outstanding.”

I’m certainly looking forward to catching Core Effect’s set at Dirt Fest at the Birch Run Expo Center on Aug. 11. Riddle recently checked in to talk about the festival, the band’s latest EP 'The Rubicon' and their secret to longevity. Dirt Fest tickets are available now, and find more information via the festival’s official website!

What acts are Core Effect most excited to play with at Dirt Fest 2012?

There are so many great bands on the bill, but without a doubt, we are most excited to play with Clutch. They are the godfathers of all that is heavy. Hurt and Dead Sara are going to tear it up, too. There are a lot of great local bands like Wilson, the Product and Critical Bill that know how to rock the stage.  Andy and Matt Dalton have done a great job putting together a lineup we are honored to be a part of.

Core Effect got together in 2004. What do you think has kept the band together for so many years?

We have stayed a band because of our love for evolving music. We have written several albums, yet never want to feel we have written our best song. Our goal is to inspire and be inspired. The glue, though, is really the fans that we have talked to over the years. Bringing anything positive to their lives is what we aim for.

Tell me about your latest EP, ‘The Rubicon.’

‘The Rubicon’ means the point to no return. The meaning behind this title is that we hope to have shed the skin of our genre's typecast and become our own sound. We want to perfect the art of "No Boundaries."

What's next for Core Effect?

In addition to release of ‘The Rubicon,’ we are going to release another CD in fall that will turn the corner to our newest horizon. First things first, though. We have a lot of Midwest shows and festivals this summer in support of 'The Rubicon.' Our newest single, ‘Life on String,’ has been getting a lot support from Detroit radio stations and from the one and only, Banana. If you haven't seen us in a while, or never before, come check out what we have become.

Core Effect is Randy Riddle, Joe Keough, John Germain and Athear Najor. Find the band on Facebook, here.