Last Tuesday night I put my trash and recycle bins at the end of my driveway for collection the following day. I noticed that my neighbors didn't put their recycling bins out but I didn't think much of it, just an observation really. Apparently, I missed the memo that surfaced online stating that they were taking a week or two off from recycling.

Why is Grand Blanc's recycling program being delayed?

Even the garbage/recycling industry is being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Some employees of Emterra are being affected by COVID-19 virus quarantine restrictions imposed by the CDC and MDHHS. Basically, some employees either have COVID or have been around some with it, forcing them to quarantine. This leaves Emterra short staffed so they made the decision to not collect recycling.

Why suspend recycling instead of yard waste?

According to Grand Blanc Township, this decision was made because yard waste paper bags disintegrate in inclement weather and they feel it is better to delay recycling and focus on garbage and yard waste bags at this time.

When will recycling resume?

Emterra will start to collect your recycling again on May 5. The company appreciates your patience and understanding.

What to do if your recycling bins are overflowing

More than likely on May 5, you'll have recycling bins that are overflowing. If you have empty storage bins at your house, you can simply slap a recycle sticker on them and put your excess recycling in them. Just make sure you put that recycle sticker on the bins so they're aware that it's a recycling bin and not garbage. You can buy recycle stickers on Amazon for a few bucks.

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