Residents on Lobdell Lake in Genesee County are starting to get a bit fired up over a bridge that was recently built to connect the mainland to Turtle Island.

According to ABC12, a homeowner built the bridge that goes over water, some wetlands and blocks off a pathway to the lake. Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy official Christopher Clampitt said the homeowner on the island didn't get a permit to install the bridge.

If things don't get figured out quickly, this guy could end up paying thousands of dollars daily. Attorneys and judges will now have to get involved to see what to do with this situation.

Yes, it's the homeowners property and many feel he should be able to do whatever he wants but you gotta at least go through the proper channels and get a permit to build a freaking bridge. Hell, I can't build an addition on my deck at my house without a permit so he should have to do the same to build a bridge lol.

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