Every Eddie Murphy and Dave Chappelle fan will remember Charlie Murphy; edgier stand-up comedian and source of the famous “True Hollywood Stories” that launched Chappelle’s Show into the stratosphere. Sadly, Charlie Murphy is no longer with us, having passed away at age 57.

TMZ reports that Murphy died of leukemia Wednesday in a New York City hospital, having undergone recent rounds of chemotherapy in which he’d seemed to improve. The comedian’s wife Tisha Taylor Murphy died of cervical cancer in 2009, while the pair leave behind two children, and one from Murphy’s previous relationship.

In addition to his stand-up career and famous Chappelle’s Show contributions (among them the Rick James and Prince sketches that came to define the show), Murphy also co-wrote some of his brother Eddie’s movies, including Vampire in Brooklyn and Norbit.

Best wishes to all those mourning Murphy’s loss, and stay tuned for further details.

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