I will be honest and tell you upfront - I definitely get road rage. Just this morning some girl tried to pass me illegally and you better believe I gave her the finger several times. That is really the extent of my rage, I flip people off and honk like crazy. That is not the case in this particular incident.

Savannah Johnson, 18, of Ohio claims she had just picked up her siblings from daycare and was driving the speed limit. If her story is accurate - the driver behind her, Brent Clark was obviously frustrated with her speed because when both drivers were stopped at a light, he got out and punched her in the face. Reports indicate Savannah did attempt to roll up her window, but before she could Clark allegedly punched her and attempted to grab her by the neck and pull her out of the car. WTF?

The victim was able to snap a pic of her attackers' vehicle and license plate. Johnson claims she suffered a concussion and will need physical therapy. As for Brent Clark, he was later arrested and remains behind bars on a $20,000 bond.

Trust me, I know how fast I get angry at drivers - but trying to do anything about it on your own in the heat of the moment is not smart. Honking and I mean laying on the horn always makes me feel better (and flipping the bird). Beep Beep.