Today the crew from Rock Bottom Stone Supply Landscape Center stopped by the Banana 101.5 studios to donate to my 'Real Men Wear Pink' campaign with The American Cancer Society.

I thought it was super awesome that they wanted to donate but I was absolutely floored when they told me the donation was for $1,000. That is absolutely amazing!

We've been partners with Rock Bottom Stone Supply for a really long time and they've supported so many cool things we've done over the years including The Holiday Break-In, The Ultimate Ticket, T-Shirt Tuesday, Loudwire Live, The Michigan Food Beer and Wine Fest, Flint Water Drive, Driving For Autism Golf Outing, and more.

They are seriously some the coolest people with the biggest hearts we've ever worked with. THANK YOU so much Rock Bottom Stone Supply Landscape Center.

This amazing donation gets me so much closer to my goal of $10,000 which I hope to hit before October 31st. All the proceeds raised will go towards the battle against breast cancer with The American Cancer Society.

If you'd like to help my 'Real Men Wear Pink' campaign, click here.



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