Rock and metal has quite a lot in common and with Nintendo in particular. One YouTuber connected both worlds and revamped classic songs by Iron Maiden, Slayer, Tool, Ghost, Opeth and more, turning them into 8-bit Super Nintendo-styled themes.

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The Nintendo franchise is loaded with nods to heavy music — there's characters named Reznor, Lemmy Koopa and Wendy O. Koopa, just to note a quick couple instances. Their memorably theme songs and irresistible melodies are a huge part of Nintendo's charm and enduring popularity and, let's be honest, who hasn't tried playing the Super Mario Bros. theme song on guitar before?

YouTuber 8 Bit Musician sought to reverse this influence and flipped "The Trooper," "Angel of Death," "Schism," "Cirice" and "Bleak" (there's more on the YouTube page; we just singled out a handful of our favorites) into electronic versions that would be perfectly suitable for some side-scroller gaming or exploring open world maps amid an ominous setting.

In the vast expanse of our own imagination, it's also fun to think of these songs as, "What if Kraftwerk made a rock and metal covers album?"

Listen to the 8-bit Super Nintendo-styled rock and metal songs below.

Iron Maiden, "The Trooper" (8-Bit Version)

Slayer, "Angel of Death" (8-Bit Version)

Tool, "Schism" (8-Bit Version)

Ghost, "Cirice" (8-Bit Version)

Opeth, "Bleak" (8-Bit Version)

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