Rollhaven Skating Center in Flushing has been around since the 70s but not for long. It's gone through some name changes since it opened but the rink itself has been there since the mid-70s. 

According to MLive, the owners are moving towards retirement and have decided to close the Flushing location on May 26th. The final day of skating will be on May 25th. There is good news though, the Grand Blanc and Owosso locations will remain open.

The skating rink is up for sale so it is possible that someone could swoop in and save the day.

I really should have had Chris Monroe cover this story because he worked at Rollhaven Skating Center in Flushing from 1997-2001. After talking with Monroe, he informed me, he was "the man" and those were his prime years. He was the all-around man who could handle skate rentals, the front office, DJ, handing out prizes to snotty nosed kids with tickets and in his words, he was "the motherfu#*ing king" of the infamous shoot-the-duck move.

Source: MLive and Chris Monroe