A 71-year-old Catholic priest in Saginaw Township was arrested over the weekend after being accused of sexual assault crimes, purchasing drugs and providing alcohol to minors.

According to WNEM, Father Robert Deland, Jr. was first accused of sexual assault in August of 2017 at his home on Mallard Cove in Saginaw Township. Since that first complaint, investigators have been watching this guy closely.

There have been five complaints against Deland which including gross indecency, sexual assault, giving alcohol to minors, purchasing and possessing ecstasy and sexual assault.

ABC12 reports that no children or any other parishioners were in any kind of danger during the long-running undercover investigation into the priest's behavior.

It's so crazy to me that people put faith in these religious creeps. They think because these Catholic priests are in tight with God, there's no way they could behave like this. You know Deland has plenty of followers that will never believe he's guilty.