We somehow missed the news about Josey Scott's departure from Saliva to pursue a career in Christian music, but the band has decided to continue on without him and have found their new frontman.

Saliva have a new frontman. If you didn't know they had lost their old one, don't feel bad -- we didn't get the memo either. According to Loudwire, Josey Scott quietly left the band to pursue a career in Christian rock back in November -- a move that left the remaining members of the band unsure of their future.

Now it appears that they will continue as they have announced the addition of Burn Season drummer and Bobby Amaru -- who is also a singer/songwriter and producer. The band already has three demos with Amaru and plan to shop them around to labels soon. Guitarist Swinny says the new lineup hits the road in February to let fans hear their new singer who "has a great voice and will not only bring some fresh blood into the band but; will also put a new spin on the Saliva sound."

Josey Scott was one of the founding members of Saliva and has been the vocalist on all seven of the band's albums, most recently 2011's 'Under Your Skin' -- his only writing contribution on the album was co-penning the track 'Badass.'

Hear Saliva's New Frontman Bobby Amaru