Tomorrow, Saturday March 20th, is the first day of spring. I knew we were close since we just switched to daylight saving time (spring forward), but I did not know it was this close. Trust me, I am not complaining.

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I completely respect the fact that people make money in the winter when it comes to plowing snow, and I get that a lot of people - maybe even you enjoy outdoor winter activities. Riding snowmobiles, skiing, ice skating, and sledding are super popular winter sports. I did actually go sledding a few times this year - but I much prefer warmer temperatures.

I am looking forward to getting outside more without having to put on 50 layers of clothing. What are you looking forward to? Do you plant a garden or outdoor flowers? Every year I say I am going to put in a garden - and I don't. Maybe this year, I have the spot - I just need to do it. There is nothing better than fresh vegetables out of a garden. Okay, maybe there are better things, but it is pretty satisfying to go outside and grab your own veggies for dinner.

Spring also means spring break. Are you going anywhere this year? You don't have to leave the state to do something different. There is plenty for you and your kids to do while they are on break from school. If you are like my dad, most often that would include yard work and cleaning. When I was a kid I would ask my dad why we didn't have a dishwasher - he said we have three. He was counting me, my sister Tuesday and my sister Kristen. Ugh.

Whatever your spring plans are enjoy! Summer is just around the corner.

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