The specter of TV revivals has never loomed larger in the wake of Netflix reunions like Fuller House or Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, but if Bayside ever gets back together for more Saved by The Bell, the reunion may not be a happy one. Producer Peter Engel reveals some surprisingly unhappy endings for the original six, as well the actual potential to return.

Whether or not you believed Zack and Kelly’s TV movie wedding would last forever, TVLine spoke to Engel to learn at - shock of shocks - their high school romance probably didn’t make it to the retirement home. “Probably not,” said Engel. “Well, they’d be married — but not to each other.”

If that’s too depressing, Engel at least offered reasonably optimistic outlooks for the rest of the gang. Poor Jessie, though. She was so excited.

Zack would probably be the host of a game show or talk show, or he’d be managing a hedge fund; Slater would be a high school football coach; Screech would be Bill Gates; Jessie would have just lost to Donald Trump; Lisa would probably be Vera Wang, or a buyer at Neiman Marcus; and Kelly would be married with children and have a cooking show on the Food Network, which [Tiffani Thiessen] has — and I watch!

As to whether a revival series was genuinely possible, Engel told Polygon:

Those were simpler times. They were gentler times. The ‘90s were a more peaceful time than what we have right now, and I’m not sure those characters could exist today. I mean, I personally wouldn’t try to do anything with the series … It could happen on something like Netflix. I don’t think it’ll happen with the original cast like the Full House thing, but a reboot? It’s a possibility.

Zack and Kelly’s bitter divorce, coming to a Netflix app near you!

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