Meet Sawa, a SuicideGirl who feels she is living the dream, claims to have a black heart and is very old fashioned when it comes to her kink factor.

Name: Sawa

Age: 33

Location: California

Occupation: Living the Dream.

Current crush: Freedom.

Stats: Pink hair, brown eyes and black heart.

Sign: Leo.

Cigarettes: Nope

Alcohol: Occasionally.

My kink factor: I’m old-fashioned.

My politics: Politics, who cares?

My status: exclusive relationship

Into: Tradition, Feng Shui and breaking the rules.

Not into: Pretentious people, name droppers, hot spots, people who wear their sunglasses at night or indoors and bluetooth earpieces.

Makes me happy: Los Angeles, a warm gun, old photographs, old records, certain aromas, friends and playing Grindcore.

Makes me sad: Mediocrity.

Hobbies: Photography, stencils, vox and mobbing.

5 things I can’t live without: Camera, cell phone, Sk8punk, bikini wax and my car.

Vices: Spa junkie.

I spend most of my free time: In the moment.


1. Neurosis
2. High on Fire
3. Yeah Yeah Yeahs
4. PJ Harvey
5. Rudimentary Peni
6. Iggy Pop
7. Black Sabbath
8. Johnny Thunders
9. El-P
10. Boards of Canada

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