Just because we are starting to open up here in Michigan, it does not mean every state is. A lot of people are still in quarantine, and that includes Sawyer Scallions, aka 'Sawyer the Destroyer'. As a matter of fact, he wrote a song about it.

Sawyer is the son of Fuel singer Brett Scallions, and Slunt vocalist Abby Gennet. According to Brett's Instagram page, 'Sawyer the Destroyer' wrote 'The Quarantine Song' himself. Brett calls his son a chip of the old block. I'll say, this kid has talent.

Most adults are making it through quarantine with a lot of booze, and extra trips to the fridge. How are kids making it through? Well according to Sawyer the Destroyer, he wears pajama's all day, he doesn't brush his hair, or his teeth. Wait - I know plenty of adults living that way too.

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Sawyer also gets through quarantine by talking his parents ears off, walking his cat, and fighting with his brother. That may sound familiar to a lot of parents. I don't have kids, but I know my nieces and nephews have been going stir crazy. Parents always get a bad wrap for saying 'no' to their kids, quarantine really forced parents to say 'no' a heck of a lot more. But like Sawyer sings, you can get through quarantine with just a little help.

I showed this to my niece and nephew - they thought it was awesome. They like to make movies, but this video inspired them to start writing their own quarantine song. It may inspire your kid(s) as well.

Shout out to Brett for sharing this. Brett and the guys from Fuel have always been one of my favorite Machine Shop shows, and favorite in studio guests. I can't wait to see you guys back in Flint, and I can't wait to see what 'Sawyer the Destroyer' does next.

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