Greta Van Fleet's upcoming show at the Fox Theatre in Detroit sold out almost immediately, and, right on cue, the scalpers stepped up to remind us that they're here ruin it for everyone.

When it comes to up and coming rock bands, there isn't a hotter ticket out there than Greta Van Fleet right now. The much buzzed about band are set to release their full-length debut album 'Anthem of the Peaceful Army' in October, and the lead single 'When the Curtain Falls' is burning up the charts.

If you take all of that, add a Detroit tour date, and the fact that the boys are from Frankenmuth -- you've got yourself a full-on Pure Michigan ticket frenzy the likes of which only Kid Rock and Bob Seger usually incite in The Mitten. Unfortunately, that frenzy only lasted about 1 minute, as tickets that went on sale at 10:00a today and were reportedly sold out by 10:01a. Do you want to guess who ended up with a bunch of them? Go ahead... pause here and take a few guesses before you move on to the next paragraph.

You guessed it -- SCALPERS! That's right, you probably won't get tickets to the sold-out GVF show at the Fox Theatre for the listed price of between $43-$128.50. Oh no. You'll be paying at least double face value on the secondary market if you want to see them on December 27th. The cheapest tickets I found on Stubhub were $89, while the most expensive ones were, well, just take a look...


Yeah, man. $9,000... PER TICKET. There were some floor tickets for the same price as well. Someone should tell those scalpers that these guys aren't actually Led Zeppelin, they just have a similar sound. Honestly, I wouldn't pay $9,000 to see Led Zeppelin... with resurrected John Bonham... or to see any band, dead or alive, that's ever been on this planet. A man has to have limits, you know? Mine is somewhere far south of 9 grand.

I encountered the same BS when trying to buy tickets for the first of two Pearl Jam shows in Chicago. I had tickets for the second show from the fan club lottery, but couldn't bring myself to spend upwards of $600 for the two crappiest seats in Wrigley Field to go to both. The secondary market is ruining the concert industry, and someone needs to figure out how to cut these guys out of the picture. They're taking money from both the band and their fans, and it straight up sucks ass.

Luckily, GVF anticipated this kind of quick sell-out and quickly added second and third shows on December 29th and 30th. I gotta imagine GVF's management snuck the better show dates (the weekend ones) in there later, hoping those bum ass scalpers burned up their resources buying all the Thursday tickets. If so, nicely done. At the moment, it appears tickets are still available, but likely not for long. So if you want to go -- you better get your tickets before the price-gougers snatch them all up. Best of luck.

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