Dane Cook performs this Saturday, March 31st at Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort in Mt. Pleasant. You can win tickets to the show all this week with the 4:20 Hit of the Day.

Winning is super easy. When you hear the 4:20 Hit of the Day, caller 20 is what you need to be at (810) 239-1015. If you don't like Dane Cook - then don't try to win (duh). If you do like Dane Cook, then I hope you win because this is a SOLD OUT show.

But wait - there is more! We will also throw in dinner prior to the show. Also, I should mention the show is inside. You probably figured that, but someone did ask me if it was an indoor or an outdoor show. I feel like this goes without saying - if you don't like him you don't have to write in the comments section 'he sucks'. Yes, we all are entitled to our opinions, just don't be a fun sucker for people that do enjoy him. Good luck.