I have the hook up for you all this week. Not only am I giving away tickets to the annual Ironsnake Halloween Bash at the Machine Shop this Saturday, October 26th, you can also win tickets to EXIT 13, Genesee County's largest and scariest haunt.

You can win $500 cash in the Machine Shop devil costume contest. This is for both males and females. You have to be dressed as a devil to win. The Halloween bash will also feature a Disney villain pin-up contest. This is the greatest Halloween party of all time, with the greatest band in the universe of all time ever - Ironsnake. If you don't win, tickets are available for only $10 dollars in advance. Eighteen years of age and up welcome with proper ID.

If you have yet to experience EXIT 13 - you are in for the scare of your life. Exit 13 Haunted House also features 'Buried Alive'. You are literally put inside of a coffin, and you get the feeling and or sensation of being put in the back of a hearse, being driven to the cemetery and actually lowered to the ground. You will hear and smell dirt being put on top of the coffin. If you are looking for a haunt that will truly terrify you - it is EXIT 13. I swear they are really killing people in there!

In order to win, download the Banana app (it is free). You will get a notification the rest of the week between 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM, telling you when to call in and what caller to be. Good luck.