Yesterday (Apr. 8) would've been the 46th birthday of Paul Gray. To mark the occasion, Corey Taylor posted a touching piano tribute to the late Slipknot bassist, who passed away in 2010. The clip from the Stone Sour and Slipknot frontman, which can be seen below, was uploaded to his official Instagram page.

"Happy Birthday.#2," Taylor wrote, with the number two referring to the digit assigned to Gray in Slipknot as one of the original members of the lineup. The unnamed piece is performed by Taylor unaccompanied on his home piano.

Gray passed away on May 24, 2010 due to a morphine overdose. Earlier this year, a wrongful death lawsuit levied by Gray's family against the musician's doctor, Daniel Baldi - as well as the doctor's former employers and a hospital company named UnityPoint-Des Moines - saw a settlement reached.

In a recent interview with Billboard, frontman Taylor gave an update on the forthcoming sixth Slipknot LP, saying, "The guys are writing tons of music and I've written lyrics to almost all of it. We're going to start trying to put together demos here and there with the time off that I have and really try to get ahead of the curve as far as what happens next."

"I know that we're gonna try and put an album out next year - however, that is all speculation," he continued. "The best way to make God laugh is to announce your plans out loud. So I'm just going with the flow. The plan right now is next year but that is a huge plan because we still haven’t narrowed anything down, so we will definitely see what happens."

Slipknot's last studio LP, .5: The Gray Chapter, came out in October of 2014, with it's title an homage to Gray.

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