With the cold Michigan weather soon approaching (we had frost the other night) would you wear a nose warmer?

Yes, a nose warmer. Apparently, it is the newest craze in Europe for winter fashion. No, I'm not kidding. A woman in Britain came up with the idea when in fact her nose was cold. The design is like earmuffs for your nose. The company aunt Marty's nose warmers offer a variety of different styles and fabrics. It has gained a ton of momentum on social media.

The owner thought that she could not be the only one who had this issue during the winter months. To me the look goofy as hell, and I can't help but laugh at the idea but I guess it would get the job done. I mean during Christmas time I always see people wearing a red nose like Rudolph. But its Christmas time and it's acceptable during that time. Not for the rest of winter. Right?

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