UPDATE:  Some details of the class-action lawsuit on behalf of Flint residents affected by the Flint Water Crisis have been released. Click here for the latest on this story. 

An announcement is expected tomorrow in the class action lawsuit between city of Flint residents and the state of Michigan over contaminated water in Flint.

Michigan is expected to be on the hook for $600 million to compensate Flint residents whose health was compromised by lead-contaminated drinking water. The Flint Water Crisis began in 2014 when Flint began using the Flint River as a water source but failed to treat it properly on advice from state regulatory leaders.

Speculation on the announcement is based on a report from an attorney involved with the negotiations but not authorized to share the details of the deal before the official announcement. Details of the deal are expected to be announced on Friday (8/21).

In the video below, Flint Mayor Sheldon Neely declined to confirm to WDIV that the settlement amount will be $600 million.

"They've been very tight-lipped about really what is going to be and what it's going to look like," Neely said. "I just know that the announcement is going to be coming very very soon."

Details of the formula that will be used to distribute the money are not yet available. Reports estimate that 150 people died from Legionnaires' Disease as a result of ingesting lead-contaminated water. Roughly 8,000 children could have some level of lead poisoning.

Mayor Neely says the settlement will allow the community to close this chapter in its history.

"It allows Flint residents to move forward in a positive way, getting out of the mindset of being victims but more as victors."


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