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The guys from Sevendust were not only busy with their own album but a variety of solo projects and we've just got another solo offering from the band's singer, Lajon Witherspoon. The vocalist has long teased that he's been working on a solo record and to kick off the New Year he released a cover of the Jacob Banks track "Chainsmoking."

The song shows a bluesier side to Witherspoon's powerful vocal and in a social media update he revealed he's not alone on the track. While Witherspoon's voice is front and center, the vocalist revealed while teasing the song that Ra frontman and producer Sahaj Ticotin used "his mouth, feet and hands" to provide musical backing on the track.

Witherspoon describes the track as "a teaser track for what I have coming with my solo project." He adds, "I'm very excited to finally get something out that shows a bit of the direction I'm heading in."

"Chainsmoking" initially appeared on Banks' 2017 EP The Boy Who Cried Freedom.

Back in June, Witherspoon revealed that he had been working with Ticotin on his solo album. At the time he was said to be "six or seven songs" deep with the producer on the record. "It's definitely … a street or two away from Sevendust but it's still cool," Witherspoon said of the music.

Sevendust, meanwhile, kept up a solid run of records by releasing Blood & Stone this past year. The group is also planning to revisit their Animosity album during a livestream concert coming up on Jan. 8. Get details on that gig here.

Lajon Witherspoon with Sahaj Ticotin, "Chainsmoking" (Jacob Banks Cover)

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