Next week, the High Times Cannabis Cup will be in the Flint area for the greatest medical marijuana expo in the Midwest. Reports indicate that a number of parties have been organized to benefit local charities and initiatives seeking to legalize marijuana.

According to the Weed Blog, there will be two parties in Flint on August 21 to raise money for marijuana reformers. In Detroit, MILegalize, the organization working to legalize recreational marijuana in 2016, will benefit from another major gathering.

“Detroit, get ready for the Cannabis Cup in Hip-Hop high style with an exclusive 'Secret Sessions' party August 21. The ultimate pre-Cup event features Adam III, co-host of B-Real TV's weed series, "The Dr. Greenthumb Show," with special guest Tim and music from DJ Salam Wreck. B-Real is better known as the frontman for the band Cypress Hill. The 'Secret Sessions' is a traveling underground party; the 'Sesh' event will have great vendors such as Downriver Hydro and the legendary BDT head shops, a live broadcast from the Planet Green Trees Radio Show, smokey tunes, other special guests and fun people!”

The two parties in Flint, one of which will be hosted by Genesee County NORML and another by Clio Cultivation, may be easier for some of you to attend. You can find out more information on those events by clinking the links in this article.


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