Zach Olson of Wisconsin knew he was going to a Shinedown concert, but the 19-year-old did not know he was in for an incredible backstage experience with his favorite band. If you take going to shows for granted, you won't after reading this.

This Shinedwon concert was Zach's wish. Zach was first diagnosed with brain cancer in 2009. Up until this year, he has been in remission.  When Zach went in for his annual scan, the results were not good. The cancer was back and there is no cure. Zach and his family do not know how much time he has left.

Through a program called 'Thursday's Child', Zach's mom was able to arrange this special night for her son. The evening was beyond all of their wildest expectations. Brent Smith, the lead singer of Shinedown personally gave Zach a backstage tour, explained all about the production of the show and even introduced Zach to members of Papa Roach and Asking Alexandria. To top off the night, the family was able to watch the show up close and personal - right next to the stage.

What an incredible evening for Zach. Let this be a reminder to us all - count your blessings. I know from here on out, whenever I play or hear a Shinedown song - I will think of Zach Olson.