Most everyone knows the that if you see a shooting star, you're supposed to make a wish, right? Well, the Mid-Michigan sky will be lit up for the next few nights so get your wish list ready.

Halley's comet, which was last seen in 1986, will be making somewhat of an appearance on both Monday night October 21st and Tuesday, October 22nd. No the actual comet will not be seen but particles that the great comet left in the solar system over 33 years ago will light up the sky sometime after midnight. Most of the particles will hit the Earth's atmosphere and glow just for a millisecond so it will be a mix of a shooting star show and metor shower combination. Regardless the skies will be something to see.

Of course, if you plan on sitting outside the next few nights bundle up and try to find a dark area so your eyes can adjust to the darkness. I know it will be tough to do but try to stay off your smartphone cause the light will mess your night vision.


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