Like most internet challenges, the Tide Pod challenge is stupid. As an added bonus -- it can kill you. We all know there's nothing cooler than dying as a punchline, right?Disclaimer -- that last sentence was sarcasm and it's not cool to die as a punchline. Usually, I wouldn't feel the need to clarify something so obvious, but this is an article explaining why people shouldn't eat Tide Pods, so I don't want to take any chances.

Despite widespread coverage on the dangers of the moronic internet challenge, it's still happening enough for people to urge Tide to pull the product off the shelves. That's right -- we live in a country where just about everyone with a pulse can buy a firearm, but we might have to stop selling laundry soap in fear that it might fall into the wrong hands. 'Merica.

Rather than lose sleep over whether or not your kids got the message when you told them about the dangers of eating Tide Pods -- you should show them the video below.

The video tells the story of "JR," a 17-year-old boy whose insatiable hunger for likes, shares, and Tide Pods almost cost him his life. Show your kids and let them see exactly what happens to your insides when you eat a Tide Pod. That ought to do the trick.


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