Beware of the Halloween Karen.

No matter what the occasion or what you are celebrating, there will always be at least one person out there that will try to ruin your fun. When it comes to Halloween, most would think that people around them would be having a good time, but that is not always the case.

Just because you intend on spending Halloween night with family and friends collecting candy and having a good time does not mean that you can avoid negative, obnoxious people along the way. Your happiness is offensive and triggering to some people out there.

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Now before I go any further, this is not a knock on anyone named Karen. I actually feel bad for the Karens that are not "Karens" for being named Karen. It's a tough road to travel since the world has brought shame to your name. Just don't take crap from anyone and you'll be fine. How would I know? Well, my little sister is named Karen and I dare anyone to try and call her Karen in a negative way. That is the fastest way to experience the business end of a backhand. However, I digress...

As you and the family take to the streets to collect as much candy as possible, just know that Halloween Karens are real and they are out there. Below you'll find a list of six that you will probably stumble across during your candy collection voyage. Proceed with caution. Just maintain eye contact and don't back down, but if you have to run, just make sure you're not the slowest one in the group.

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