Everyone has fond childhood memories of playing skeeball at Chuck E. Cheese or local places like Huckleberry Junction, right?

Now there are legit SkeeBall leagues forming around the country, so us "adults" can enjoy the game we loved as kids. There are no tickets to collect though, just a lot of fun, and I'm sure at least a few adult beverages.

Founder and "Skee-E-O" Mike Fraser of Chicago has spent several years collecting and repairing vintage SkeeBall machines. He started these leagues a few years ago and it has taken off. There are over 200 teams that will be competing for the "Skee-Palooza" trophy this year, the tournament for which will be held on May 18th in Chicago.

There are many different retro childhood games and activities that have become more popular for adults in recent years. Who said you have to grow up?

Source: WGNTV.com

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