As we navigate through our new normal, not everyone is fairing so well. While some people have continued to work, many have not. A lot of families are strapped when it comes to paying bills, paying their rent and or mortgage, let alone putting food on the table.

Snappers On The Water, located on Bennett Lake Road in Fenton, has been helping out local families in need with free meals since March 23rd. According to ABC 12, the Snappers crew serve roughly 30 to 60 meals a day. Owner Kirk Norman and his small crew have served everything from tacos, spaghetti, meatloaf and more. The only thing he asks is that people respect the fact that the free meals are for people in need only. That makes total sense to me. Please do not take advantage of Snappers generosity, if you truly do not need it.

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I hope you keep businesses like this in mind when we are able to patron restaurants and bars again. Even if it is for carry out only. The generosity of Kirk, and other like minded business owners is absolutely awesome. I will be honest, it has been awhile since I have been to Snappers On The Water, but after seeing kindness like this, believe me I will be back.

If you know of other local businesses, and people in our area that continue to serve those in need, and front line workers, let me know. I would love to spotlight them as well. Thank you again to everyone at Snappers, what you are doing is really awesome.

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