In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, some Woodward Dream Cruise cities have voted to cancel the event activities.

It is a very say thing to see one of the biggest car-related events in Michigan in jeopardy. With the ongoing pandemic, two cities that participate in the Woodward Dream Cruise have voted to cancel the event for 2020. Birmingham put it to a vote on Monday and officials voted 7-0 to cancel the event. The same result occurred happened in Huntington Woods in a 50 vote on Tuesday.

All nine cities that are apart of the event have been weighing their options. The Woodward Dream Cruise board will be having another meeting on June 8th.

The Woodward Dream Cruise is a huge event for Michigan and draws hundreds of thousands of spectators and thousands of amazing cars. Even if all the events are canceled, let's be honest, I'm sure we will still see a lot of awesome cars cruising around on August 15th. Woodward is a free public road and canceled events won't keep car fans from either driving down the road or stopping to see the vehicles cruise by.

Every day seems to get harder and harder nowadays. All the things that we look forward to are starting to slowly drift away. This week alone, the number of emails I have received about canceled tours and concerts is downright depressing. We will all get through this together though and I have faith that we will get back to normal sooner than later.


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